Remember when you were in high school and you saw your yearbook photo? Or perhaps your most recent license photo? Your logo should give you the opposite feeling. Your logo should be hung where everyone can see. Sorry Lucy, your A+ Biology report is going to be moved down on the fridge. You should be that excited about your logo. Here are some samples of not only fridge-worthy logos, but logos that make clients feel all the feelings and decide to buy from you again and again.

Social Media

You know when you see a post multiple times on your news feed because it’s that good and you think “wow, I wish my brand looked that great online”. Sit back and relax because after goal setting and data analysis, we create a social media plan that’s the perfect fit for your business. And we keep you in the loop every step of the way. Here are some samples of graphics used in Facebook campaigns.

Print Projects

From business cards to flyers and mailers to posters, we’ve got you covered. I work closely with a local printer to provide small businesses with excellent design for all their print product needs.

Click here for samples.