Your Handmade Shop Needs a Website


You have a skill and a product line, so you start up a handmade shop on Etsy. You get a few sales and then you wonder how can I make this my job? In order to take your products to your target customers, it’s super important to have your own standalone website as well.

But websites cost too much money, take too much time, and I don’t want to bother with it.

FALSE. You can afford it. (We have payment plans!) You won’t have very much of a time investment. (We are handmade brand website specialists, we’ll handle it all!) You will see exciting re$ult$, so you should want it!

why your handmade shop needs a website

There are 10 main reasons that handmade shops need their own website.


When shoppers get on Etsy, they know what they are shopping for and they choose the best among all the shops. When targeted customers visit your site, they know who they want to buy from, but they may or may not know what they want to buy. So with thoughtful design, we can help your customers find products that they’ll really love.

Also – instead of saying “I bought this from Etsy”, how do you like the sound of “I bought this from (your shop)?” Word of mouth is a great way to get more customers, folks!


You can post anything you want on your website. Using strategic content will bring customers to you. Videos, embedded feeds from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest? Sign me up!

Also- Blogging! Your blog is on the same site as your handmade shop. Blogs help with SEO, too (more on that in #6) Plus you can offer freebies and show off customer photos too!


Your site should look like you. So let’s make it happen. Sure you can customize your Etsy site, but having a logo, brand colors, and patterns and photos that are uniquely you draw people in to buy  from your beautiful handmade shop.


On that note, your biz is taken seriously. This isn’t a side hobby anymore, it’s a business. And it’s legit as heck.


Customizing your site means that the layout is strategic to help customers find exactly what they’re looking for. No more scrolling through hundreds of pages. Your site should be easy to navigate according to what’s best for your business. Customized with your customer in mind.


Let’s get technical here for a minute. I talked about content above. We use this content to bump up your search engine rankings. You are probably familiar with using tags on Etsy. The better the tags relate to your item, the easier it is for customers to find you. Search Engine Optimization is very similar in that sense. We tell Google what you’re about, what you have to offer, and they deliver the customers with dollars in hand, ready to buy. These are your targeted customers that I referred to earlier.


You control what your visitors see. Nasty review? Not here. Old products and orders? Nope. Only recent, beautifully curated content about your handmade shop! (We’ll update it for you!)


Custom orders are no big deal. No jumping through hoops. We can make you a custom order form, and you invoice them through whatever system you have (or we can set that up for you).

9. FEES 

NO WEIRD FEES. Just the ones from the payment portal you choose.


Ok, so this really excites me. Let’s get you an email list, okay? Then we offer a freebie or a coupon for customers to opt-in. We’ll put them on an email list and send them monthly updates on what’s going on in the shop and what’s new. That click-through rate will skyrocket as your customers come back to your handmade shop for more.

You can really offer your customers so much more when you have your own website. Let’s treat them lovingly, because they love your products!!


And yes, you’ll still be able to:

[list style=”style6″]
[li]make shipping profiles / calculate shipping[/li]
[li]communicate with customers[/li]
[li]do pretty much everything that’s on your Etsy shop. Just ask![/li]

To ask questions and learn more, contact us! This is our specialty.


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    Great post. So important for all entrepreneurs to be thinking about their personal brand.

  3. This was great- and reinforces a lot for us in how we chose to market our small store that features both handmade products and products we get from other people. —->

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