Design Trends: Marble


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About Marble

Most marble forms at convergent plate boundaries where large areas of Earth’s crust are exposed to regional metamorphism. Some marble also forms by contact metamorphism when a hot magma body heats adjacent limestone or dolostone. (read more)

Marble in design evokes a luxurious feel with a crisp look. Are you incorporating marble into your product line? If you are, please share!

Marble Trend in Nature


Ok, I am OBSESSED. This blue marbley goodness can be found in Puerto Rio Tranquilo in Patagonia, Chile. These marble caves were carved out by the clear blue water around it. If you’re in the area, you can take a boat tour. LOVE.

Marble Trend in Architecture

marble trend in architecture

Marble isn’t just for the Greeks! That turquoise, though.

Marble Trend in Handmade Shops

These handmade shops are creating with the marble trend and oh my goodness, these are some gorgeous pieces. You can click on the photos to visit the shops.

White Howlite Necklace, White Stone Necklace, Stone Necklace, Marbled Stone Necklace, Stone Necklace, Howlite Jewelry, Most Popular Jewelry

from AllTheTinyPiecesShop on Etsy

Maggie of All the Tiny Pieces Shop says … Howlite is stone of awareness, helps with healing of past emotional pain, allows for processing emotions and brings peace, brings calm and relaxation and decreases anger.

That’s an awesome way to wear the marble thend and feel better! This is a local shop- based in Phoenix!

Minimalist Marble Notebook, Journal, Planner, Journal Insert, Planner Insert - PJ018

from Callicrafty on Etsy

Callicrafty uses the marble trend to create some beautiful journals. They are based out of Melbourne, Australia.

Set of 3 Photo and Cardholders Marble & Gold

from StudioLilesadi on Etsy

Look at these beautiful photo and card holders. They use the marble trend with gold to create a sophisticated and out-of-the-ordinary way to display your prized photos. They are made by Dinah and Sarah of Studio Lilesadi.


Now go out into the world savoring all the gorgeous marble design around!


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